The 144K Message:

Who are they and what do they do? Shunned by the world they wander the land in search for the Truth. When they find it, they bury it deep within the confines of the temple of their heart where no thief or robber can pull apart.

They normally live outside the Politics and Religion of their day. No sports, or status, or luxury homes will interest them in any way. Their investment is not in the here and now. Their life is lonely, their friends are few. Even those that you thought you knew will go their own way. 

The path of least resistance is the one most likely will take and follow along. Family, tradition and religion and the social tree is carefree within the comfortable confines of the social core. 

Not so for the 144K. For them truth never sells out and never will. The living sacrifice has been made, no turning back now come what may. 

Vision for the masses is a perceptible thing or so they say that we had this discussion many times before. 

But truth will prove one day right or wrong with the ring of Truth that the 144K will sing as a song from that glorious mount so lofty and high -

…while married to the Lamb.

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