Repost of dream of 5-24-12

Had a very disturbing dream last night. I found myself in what appeared a lock-down of sorts. A big enclosed area with lots of other people. Had the distinct realization that (and here's the hard part trying to adequately describe it) it was like iron that was so pungent and strong - you could actually taste it. Then, we were all in a big room on the lower level; like what we used to call a chow hall in the Marines. And everyone was there to eat just to fill their stomach. That's all they cared about.

I was looking across the long table at the servers that were going to provide the food. At first they looked like everyone else. They changed right before my eyes and their clothes literally started to melt right off their bodies to reveal a grotesque inner person where you could actually see their true intentions which I immediately knew to be murder in their hearts. 

The rest of the people I tried to warn but incredibly they didn't so much as care. They didn't even care. All they cared about was getting another meal. 

I knew I couldn't stay there. I left in haste and was shown a way out. All the other people I knew would be murdered.

That was the end of the dream.​