Members of the World Socialist Party with extreme authoritarian views who seek to impose their views on others in very consice dictatorial, autocratic inflexible ways.

A totalitarian global mindset where its high ranking members and merchants usually politicians will circumvent constitutional law to dictate policies & procedures while fanatically seeking to regulate specific activities, conduct and/or social practices etc..

Common deceptive yet effective measures are:

▪︎Holding people hostage in their own homes without their consent against their will.
▪︎Social Distancing applied as a euphemism to cover up the true meaning of Un-Social Distancing.
▪︎Letting common people know that they DO NOT have ownership of their own bodies & if need be they will be forced at the will of the governing country/state who will forcibly put a vaccination needle in a person's body against their free will while citing the Universal World Mandatory Requirement (UWMR) for total compliance.
▪︎The wearing of masks total 100% mandatory compliance as well and when and if Common Persons (CP's) are let out of their lockdown status, who and how many persons they will be authorized to congregate with, what holidays they can celebrate, who is "essential" and who is "non-essential" as a common person or business entity.
▪︎CP's as well will be told for how long and precisely when they can come out of their lockdown, where they can travel and with whom (while masked-up), and be required to have in their possession Valid Covid Authorized Paperwork (VCAP) which will also affect any Universal Social Credit Score (USCS) that especially has a bearing of overall health or travel viability and/or authorization.
▪︎While no regard will be given while masked up to CP's breathing their own constant CO2 gaseous emissions or carbon dioxide nor, the non furthering of any semblance of building up their immune system by means of healthy pursuits of exercising; the adjacent reciprocal effect of normal human non-verbal cues will be ignored due to 100% Masked-Up Mandatory Compliance (MUMC).
▪︎Additionally, an internal non authorized cadre of informants (snitches) will be relied upon to Filter In Data (FID) for tracking purposes to report & track Non-Compliant Common Persons (NCCP's) who circumvent the established system of mandatory protocols. Ultimately, fines or imprisonment (or both) will be levied against any social malefactors as a direct result.
▪︎Last but not least, the Covid World Control Panel (CWCP) of non-elected Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's), large Social Media Platforms (SMP's), Main Stream Media (MSM) and any other authorized Politically Correct Deemed Internal Entity (PC-DIE) shall have full autonomy, largesse & respectability as long as it agrees to Covid World Control Guidelines (CWCG's).
▪︎Otherwise, for everyone else, resistance is futile & will be punished quickly & severely and if need be meted out accordingly in an appropriate reeducation facility BEFORE they reenter society (if at all).



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