Down through antiquity, we have:

1) Egypt
2) Assyria
3) Babylon (Gold Daniel cha 2:31-33:)
4) Persia (Silver)
5) Greece (Brass)
6) Rome (Iron)
7) Kingdom of Christ (time of cross) ref: Daniel 2:44 (inauguration of "spiritual" kingdom)

—on other side of cross/sequential parallel kingdoms with prophetic color coding:

1) Unholy Roman 
2) Catholic Spain
3) Protestant Britain (white Rev cha 6:)
4) Orthodox Russia (red)
5) Fascist Germany (black)
6) Globalist America (pale-chloros/greenish conglomerate with Death & Hell) 

“Death” is when a person’s spirit dies and “Hell” is when they have denied the truth by worshipping their feelings and opinions (heart & mind).. The tribulation occurs when we have this last days final manifestation of Death and Hell.. (which is here right now and will get much worse until finally ousted). While MOST expect a tribulation fought under the guise of formal armies, it is actually a last days battle and war for everyones soul. Each individual soul is the final reckoning and final battleground. Rev cha 18.

7) Last tribulation ousting of old & inauguration of New Spiritual Jerusalem. Rev cha 21.

For those who are prophetically literate, they will notice the similarities of Daniel cha 2 and how after the cross, Christianity was absorbed in the world system. However, God has preserved a remnant who has not “bowed the knee” to whichever current empire. We are at the last empire. 

We also notice how the similarities of the post-cross parallels with Revelation cha 6 and the eventual amalgamation of the White, Red, Black and Pale aspects which highlight the hybrid of Globalism of where we are at right now this very moment. 

The FINAL end times are right now and the clash between good & evil (God & Satan) are happening right now. THINGS ARE IN THE FINAL DIVIDING PROCESS. You are in the war whether you acknowledge it (or not).​

While many expect an anthropomorphized AC/FP version of events; the final conflict of antiquity is in actuality being played out in the spirit of mankind for each and every person’s soul where the ultimate war exists. Many many people are ensnared into thinking that things will exist as they always have except they will not. Babylon is falling again right now this very moment, this time for the last time..

It is time to come out of “her” (Babylon/modern day Egypt). Rev 18:4

All we are is spiritual beings having a human experience.

Where do you stand?



-PLEASE HELP- in waking people up.