We are at the footsteps of eternity. The travailing cries of the future where our intended destiny awaits. Destiny is only a prelude to the future but only if we leave the present paradigm of the “way” we think or “how” we feel. The didactic paradigm of absolutes are what is at stake. The dusty remnants of a forgotten land, a forgotten past. The prelude to an amazing future where love for the Truth is foremost and trumps the feelings and opinions we all hold so dear. 

Many will balk at its cry to know the difference between right or wrong, good or bad, the disenfranchised or remnant few. 

The small wind that beckons around the bend away from the fray for who will be there to stand with us even if our worldly plight is indeed seemingly for naught? But is it? Can something say to another that it never was when in fact it was the truth, the real fact? 

Or, when do we wake up from our sleep and realize that this paradigm was indeed not our true home but that home begins now in the confines of one’s soul, away from the heart & mind where the kingdom is within.

The friends are there as well as the family made of one who never say farewell. They speak your language your core beliefs, where all is looked at and understood in fine relief.

The rest portends to a real God-send too good to be true but yet is.

​And the rest that endures for rest within.

So, even if no one else listens except for a tiny few, then let this testimony stand in stark review to the many that there was one or two who did dig through that giant rock pile looking for the gems and souls of the few who understood this message who took the time in this fleeting mode to take hold of something good, noble and true.
—a remnant of the few—