What is in main view here is astounding as it is simplistic. Yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with commerce. But, there is a chasm of difference. Incredibly, the chasm is so deep and so wide that the majority of people don’t even know it exists. 

The equally amazing part of this equation is that many will say that they “are not of this world” when in fact they are exactly of this world. The world’s way of doing business is the accepted norm and status quo. 

It says again in Revelation 13:17 that -

“17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

That is the way the world does business. It is the lingua franca that is spoken. It is the way the world communicates. It is the language of the world’s political and religious juggernaut of empires that go all the way back to Egypt. The people who do live in this matrix don’t even realize it and live, work and thrive in a world where the very foundation is built on sand.

Now, here is the way out of all this: 

1) God’s economy is going from the physical to the spiritual which begins now. 

2) It is leaving the confidence, credence, and reliance on the world system behind and living in the metaphorical desert of this present world not because it is a desert but because there are so very few other people living in the desert as well as the fact that a desert is dry and waterless. Water is life but the desert is a place where the inspired Word cries out to the world that hardly knows its voice. 

3) Must be born of water (our physical birth) -and- (God’s) Spirit. 

4) That being born again is all about dying to our own self"ish"ness “before” being born again. This is the evidence of the spiritual oil that a person has in their lamp on a dark night at midnight waiting for Christ (the Word made flesh) Jesus to vindicate their journey of faith in a desolate and foreign land. Darkness is just another metaphor for living in the wilderness.

As incredible as it seems, 

5) The world system is actually not only about money. It is about respectability, conformity and being socially acceptable in the eyes of the world. 

6) Knowing this, that in this world, people need and must die to and leave in order to be truly born again because that Egypt went from the physical to the spiritual as archetype and meme down through the centuries which has so many people fooled by their surroundings while not knowing they are totally controlled.

7) That the world will diminish the facts in order to preserve the relationships, while  the true Christlike followers will preserve the facts in order to diminish the relationships they have with this world. 

8) That by preserving the facts is the tender of service (economy) that the true core believers of Christ operate in. This is the ONLY way that they can survive “in” the world but not “of” the world but by distancing themselves from the world political and religious systems. 

True faith brings true blessings and with true blessings, we can live anywhere under any circumstance because we are already rich in faith and no matter what happens in the world - 

Your future is priceless.

And the answer is - knowing the difference & letting others now.