​Remnant Message And Meaning To A Dying World: 

We communicate effective spiritual identity solutions that include all elements to the eternal picture for everyone willing to believe, willing to trust, willing to put aside all reliance they may have in external skin color, worldly relationships, or pyramid building. 

The fact that there is only one saved body of believers that have keep the flame of faith lit through the centuries, we recognize that that “saved body” of believers came from Israel as the remnant of Israel which was translated, carried-over and saved from the cross of Christ till now. 

We understand that the corporate institutionalized “Church” has never replaced true Israel (the called out assembly church) which went from the physical to the spiritual and still exists to this very day however small in number.

These same believers have preserved the original familial line (now spiritual) that God blessed and commissioned at the time of Abraham till now. 

Anyone can become a remnant Christian believer if they are are willing to put themselves in a position to be supernaturally blessed, favored and chosen. That born-again journey from death to life begins now.

Remnant Meaning:

A remnant is - A small remaining quantity of something. A piece of cloth left when the greater part has been “used” or “sold”. A surviving “trace”.