Thank you for visiting this site. It is used as a touchstone and go-to rally point for remnant faith hope trust & confidence. 

It has gone through somewhat a metamorphosis in that it started out as and then as Now, it is more global in scope and nature. Things work together for a purpose and for that purpose we all work together however the few of us that there are. It is for a definite reason & purpose you have visited this site. Please gain the information and pray about it. This is life changing intel that is presented here. It takes a brave soul to step out from the shadows of the world system and proclaim that they are indeed part of the remnant. If you have - congratulations & forward this site to others. Join in & put your faith forward and join hands with others in this important mission and work. The rewards are eternal. From your fellow co-worker,

Scott Sepanek

Now for some business:

The thesis deals with something so incredible and basic that once a person gets this and the light bulbs come on; you will wonder why virtually no one has explained this before. 

Actually, there is very good reason why almost no one has explained this before which will be outlined here. With this information, you will be able to immediately see how it works in other peoples lives and how we can utilize this knowledge. Wisdom is a good thing. 

This web site will be dedicated now and in the future as a sign post - a cyber sign post than can go out across the world and explain this truth. Sure, there is nothing new under the sun. Consider this knowledge as bringing something to the surface that has been buried for a very long time. You will be able to “unpack” it, even if you are that lightbulb in a sea of darkness, others will greatly benefit from this which is now -your- knowledge. At least you will know.

Looked at another way, It is like a huge printing machine that has been out of toner for centuries now. In other words, we still keep making copies but, there is almost no ink inside. There is a reason for this. Mankind used to have this burning light and except for a very few, this light has almost gone out. 

The reason this site was named is because the “thesis” is considered amongst those who dare to accept; as the absolute truth. (It applies to the entire world). Most of the industrialized world however, live as though they are just interested in the principle of “avoid pain/pursue pleasure”. You know, the dopamine rush.

It all starts with the Thesis. The thesis is the pure truth. What happens is, it collides or comes up against the anti-thesis which is in place of the thesis or against the thesis. When this happens, the result is a hybrid or mixture (amalgamation) of the truth. The truth then becomes watered down and is not as important. So, the truth gets mixed with the “in place of” or “against truth” which produces the synthesis or a combinations of ideas or emotions (opinions) that form a positional theory, system or otherwise. Then, that outcome becomes the new thesis and the truth further becomes “watered down” and the whole process repeats itself all over again and again and again. 

We only have the absolute truth which is non-negotiable, non-changeable, constant, static. The other form or platform is a constantly changing climate of clouds of thought that have no real right or wrong since the thesis has been so deluded. The consensus (pertaining to the senses) then becomes its own ill fated compass of navigation. This truth is the constant struggle between good & evil, right & wrong of politics & religion which has dominated the world throughout the centuries. 

If we let ourselves be lured into the dialectic or dialog to consensus; we are now in their matrix, their world, their bidding, their left/right paradigm and ultimately their control. Depending on what “truth” you have left, if you stay in their domain; you will eventually be “processed”.

Sure, many if not most will find fault with what is being said here right now but we have counted the cost. Let’s talk about what we can do with this information. But first, let’s get to some more truth. It came in the form of a prophecy many years ago that says:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. …And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us… Ref: John 1:1.

Here is the problem that faces mankind - the “Word” or thesis (absolute truth), was made flesh (something we could understand) and ultimately, they killed the truth (the Truth) (Christ Jesus) not only physically, but still keep killing the spirit of truth spiritually and right up to this very moment as you read this, whomever engages in the antithetical or anti-thesis has been fooled, taken in, controlled.

Virtually the entire world will kill something good trying to gain worldly power either personally or globally. Small or large it doesn’t matter, people kill the truth or thesis every day. 

The world’s governments and religions have elevated the doctrines of men and incorporated them into their cherished worldly belief structures many under the guise of Christianity. Of course there are untold millions who want nothing to do with organized Christianity due to its worldly stance.. I do not blame them for turning away from Christianity after all the t.v. preachers and perverted institutions have corrupted the word and thesis. 

But remember, the Word was made flesh. There is no other truth or thesis. All the other pretenders are like illegal squatters who will one day be evicted for not following the truth.

The truth starts out as the thesis. One truth, one thesis. It becomes degraded when it collides with the antithetical “in place of or against truth” that then produces the synthetical blending mixture of the truth and non-truth. Another way to look at it is as when hot meets cold, it produces the lukewarm effect and then the whole process then repeats itself with the new constituted truth (the previous lukewarm) again and again and again.

We are just about at the end of that long road of history. A person ultimately will need to align themselves with the unvarnished truth (the hot side) or, by default (no matter what they say otherwise), they will come up short (on the opposite side of the truth). Default is a very interesting word. It means: failure to fulfill an obligation, repay a loan or debts. This is exactly the business that is being conducted as we speak. 

The financial mega failures are just around the corner. The best thing we can do to prepare right now is to get on the side of the truth. That spiritual truth is found in Christ Jesus. Not the Christ Jesus of the feel good institutions of man and the world, but the Christ Jesus who cries out in the wilderness of man to turn to the non-compromised truth right now. 

But where is the turning point? Where is the demarcation line in this spiritual war that overshadows the physical and when will it be established? The answer is amazingly simple. The answer is -you-

Will you take this truth & put it in your life? 

Will you take this message & send it out to others?

Please share the above site. It “points” to the main message. 

We are trying everything possible to get this message out to the world. There are not many of us.


…you will be favored & blessed.